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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Cost Of Celebrity Cruise Lines .(celebrity cruise lines)

celebrity cruise lines

Outlined below are suggestions and information that could help you make your cruise holiday enjoyable and relaxing.

1. Now would be the right time to undertake a vacation with Celebrity Cruise Lines. Cruising is now more affordable with more holiday makers opting out of oceanic cruises due to frequent unpredictable bad weather and negative publicity that cruise tour operators have of late being hounded with. The truth of the matter is that cruising has never been more pleasant and affordable; the negative propaganda being set at rest.

2. Dream oceanic tour tariffs as low as $525 per individual (proposing to cruise in August) are being offered. In case you do propose to tour the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruise Lines during the fall, when cruising would be most ideal, the tariff would be $745 per person. The aforementioned attractive tariffs have been specially formulated for you keeping your eager oceanic vacation in mind and are meant to counter the negativity that cruise liners are currently being bombarded with.

3. A host of new cruise ships are being added every year to the ever growing oceanic cruise tour fleets. This new breed of ships are more in demand by ocean bound tourists with the result that old and redundant smaller cruise ships are losing out to them substantially. An instance would be the Celebrity Cruise Lines newest and biggest cruise liner that can accommodate over 3500 passengers. This big liner boasts of a presidential suite having a built up area of 1210 square feet, and in addition, provides some of the most sought after amenities on board. These plus points are more reason to lure the conventional oceanic vacationer to travel by this ship thus forcing the smaller cruise liners to reevaluate afresh their tariffs and marketing survival strategies.

4. Further, adding to the fierce competition by big state of the art cruise ships, there have been instances of unnatural and frightful reports of passengers and crew members being murdered, thrown overboard without a trace, fatally contagious viruses, unhealthy and unhygienic sanitary conditions on board the smaller and redundant cruise liners. These have substantially altered their performance and growth to levels of negativity to an extent which has put the cruise operators, its managers, its organizers, and crew in jeopardy; their finances being in the red. All these factors have prompted the smaller oceanic cruise liners to rethink and recast their operational strategy to enable them successfully operate and survive. And so, these affordable and competitive tariffs!

5. However, your oceanic tour would depend on your budget or in the instance of your employer bearing your luxury holiday expense, you could well opt for a Celebrity Cruise Lines cruise. The more you spend the more comfort and amenities you could avail of, be they on board amenities or the deluxe excursions and sight seeing trips that the cruiser offers on your oceanic holiday package. An oceanic holiday with Celebrity Cruise Lines is a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

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